Talks that change lives

“Conflict resolution: A spiritual approach” with John Tyler, CSB

This talk by John Tyler, CSB, examines several specific conflicts from marital to nation-building. It identifies some practical ways of resolving them. It explores two of these — forgiveness and learning to love — and shows how they lead to healing national conflicts and even physical bodies.

“Angry no more: Healing anger and divisiveness through forgiveness” with Michelle Nanouche, CSB

In this talk Michelle explores how you can find healing for emotional, mental and physical issues stemming from unhealed anger and divisiveness.

Sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Yorba Linda, California.


“Our government under the healing and unifying power of divine Love” with Maryl Walters, CSB

Discover how you can be confident that the government is in God’s hands. You can experience the power of divine Love to heal divisions and bring families and communities together.

This talk was held at California Lutheran University in 2017 and was sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Thousand Oaks, California.

“Love without limit, Life without fear” with Fujiko Signs, CSB

“During this lecture we will explore the relationship between prayer and healing and the universal truth that unifies,” says Signs. “We will talk about how to understand God and how spirituality and childlikeness relate.”

Sponsored by Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Sydney (Chatswood).

“Claim your right to financial freedom now” with Bosede Funmilola Bakarey, CSB

Bosede Bakarey left a growing law practice in Ibadan, Nigeria to devote her whole life to the public healing practice of Christian Science. This change was a result of several years of deep study of the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Through this study Bosede gained some wonderful, life-altering, and transforming ideas, which helped her to overcome the pains and problems of widowhood and single-parenthood and to effectively raise and educate her three sons.

“A new view of God and its effect on well-being” with Phillip Hockley, CS

“Christian Science gave me a new view of God that I’d not had before: a view of God as Love itself, divine Love that loved me fully. I also discovered that this loving God was not the source of my troubles (which were many) but the solution to them. My life began to improve quickly after that and I became a healthy man after many years of suffering.”