Talks that change lives

“Demystifying spiritual healing” with Beth Packer, CS

Her father was healed through Christian Science of a diagnosed fatal illness that had left him close to death. Her mother’s life of hardship and despair was reversed when she found Christian Science. She then went on to be a great healer herself. “Growing up with such a glorious legacy, we all knew spiritual healing to be a natural, effective and practical part of everyday life – God knew us and loved us, and we knew it.”

“A new view of God and its effect on well-being” with Phillip Hockley, CS

“A fall that badly injured the spine started a seven year downward spiral of ill health. After trying every alternative and spiritual healing method, without any cure, I was registered as physically handicapped.” Much against his own better judgment, Phillip felt impelled to attend his first ever Christian Science lecture and the result was truly transforming.

“Never too late to experience freedom” with Patricia Woodard, CS

We may find ourselves asking, when social distancing is lifted what will my life look like, will I have a job, how will I pay the bills, what about this disease, am I really safe? And what about my children? A fresh perspective on God and God’s creation brings healing now, just as it did in Jesus’ time.