Experiences of healing

Find out how you too can experience the peace and joy that comes from a better understanding of your oneness with God. In these podcasts, articles and testimonials, individuals share from their personal experience.

Weekly podcast

During these thought-provoking podcasts, people describe their experiences of healing through prayer as taught in Christian Science. New content is available every Tuesday. Click the red arrow to listen:

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Daily Lift

A short inspirational podcast sharing a healing idea. Fresh content each weekday.

A Christian Science perspective

Read or listen to these inspiring articles from The Christian Science Monitor daily newspaper.

  • by Randal Craft
    Peace might seem unattainable at times. But on the International Day of Peace (today) and always, acting on each opportunity to be a peacemaker brings practical solutions that can have far-reaching effects.
  • by Elizabeth Mata
    When we welcome divine inspiration into our hearts, we’re inevitably moved to compassion, kindness, patience, and joy.
  • by Curtis Wahlberg
    In the face of climate concerns, we can actively participate as healers – praying to find practical solutions that have their basis in unchanging God, good.
  • by Kate Mullane Robertson
    At times fear or frustration may seem to thwart our path forward. But when we let God, Love, light our way, blessings follow.
  • by Moji George
    There’s even more to the Bible than interesting stories and poetry – it’s the practical, healing Word of God, which the textbook of Christian Science helps unlock.

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