Experiences of healing

Find out how you too can experience the peace and joy that comes from a better understanding of your oneness with God. In these podcasts, articles and testimonials, individuals share from their personal experience.

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During these thought-provoking podcasts, people describe their experiences of healing through prayer as taught in Christian Science. New content is available every Tuesday. Click the red arrow to listen:

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  • 26 September – 2 OctoberGuest: George Nutwell Our guest this week, George Nutwell, has learned that that adage, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” is true. But it’s not about looking for the positive in a negative; it’s about using adverse circumstances to discover more about God and the ever-present good God is always giving […]
  • 19 September – 25 SeptemberGuest: Eric Bashor Is parenting the hardest job you’ll ever love? Not when you turn to some really effective parenting guidebooks: the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures—and God, of course. Listen in as Eric Bashor shares what he’s been learning about parenting.

Daily Lift

A short inspirational podcast sharing a healing idea. Fresh content each weekday.

  • Michael Hamilton, from Salem, Massachusetts, USAYou can read about Michael’s experience in the Christian Science Sentinel.
  • Mary Beattie, CSB, from Belconnen, AustraliaYou can read Mary’s editorial in The Christian Science Journal.
  • Eric Bashor, CS, from Natick, Massachusetts, USAHear more of Eric's story on this week's episode of Sentinel Watch.
  • Kit Cornell Kurtz, from Kailua Kona, Hawaii, USA
  • Sondra Elkins, CS, from Loveland, Ohio, USA

A Christian Science perspective

Read or listen to these inspiring articles from The Christian Science Monitor daily newspaper.

  • by Tressie Armstrong
    A heartfelt desire to know God as the infinite source of goodness opens the door to improved health and greater harmony.
  • by Heike Arneth
    Relying on God for inspiration, we receive the clear direction we need.
  • by Heike Arneth
    Wenn wir Inspiration bei Gott suchen, erhalten wir die klare Führung, die wir brauchen.
  • by Andy Remec
    Even when it feels impossible to get along with someone, Christ, Truth, is there to lead the way and show us our true brotherhood.
  • by Laura Lapointe
    Each of us has a God-given ability to know and feel our innate worth as God’s loved children – which frees us from negative traits that hamper productive lives and relationships.

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