Experiences of healing

Find out how you too can experience the peace and joy that comes from a better understanding of your oneness with God. In these podcasts, articles and testimonials, individuals share from their personal experience.

Weekly podcast

During these thought-provoking podcasts, people describe their experiences of healing through prayer as taught in Christian Science. New content is available every Tuesday. Click the red arrow to listen:

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Daily Lift

A short inspirational podcast sharing a healing idea. Fresh content each weekday.

A Christian Science perspective

Read or listen to these inspiring articles from The Christian Science Monitor daily newspaper.

  • by Kathy Chicoine
    Rather than feeling overwhelmed by division, we can adjust our views and pray to see balanced government maintained by God.
  • by Larissa Snorek
    Reasoning out from the basis of God as infinite Mind opens the door to progress and healing.
  • by Diahana Barnes
    When tragedy strikes, we can turn to the comforting truth that God is Life itself and find peace.
  • by Madeline Cassidy
    Recognizing our eternally vibrant nature as children of God empowers us to overcome discouragement and hindrances, as a woman experienced after struggling to land a job at a later stage of her career.
  • by Moji George
    No matter what kind of problem we’re facing or how intractable it may seem, we can rely on the Science of Christ, which reveals God’s unvarying, healing goodness and power.

Would you like to know more?

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