Experiences of healing

Find out how you too can experience the peace and joy that comes from a better understanding of your oneness with God. In these podcasts, articles and testimonials, individuals share from their personal experience.

Weekly podcast

During these thought-provoking podcasts, people describe their experiences of healing through prayer as taught in Christian Science. New content is available every Tuesday. Click the red arrow to listen:

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  • Do you sometimes feel like your prayers don’t have an effect? Or maybe that you’re waiting to be healed? This week’s guest, Alexandre Fischer, shares insights about how even in […]
  • This week’s guest, Nancy Humphrey Case, shares fresh insights from two of her experiences—a healing of physical exhaustion and praying for the life of a calf on her friend’s dairy […]
  • This week’s guest, Julia Schuck, shares why she came back to Christian Science after she had left—and the healing that resulted in feeling God’s comfort and all-encompassing love.
  • This week’s guest, Mark Swinney, has good news: There is no hopeless case! Mark shares what he’s learned—and experienced—that proves that God’s love truly can bring hope and healing to […]

Daily Lift

A short inspirational podcast sharing a healing idea. Fresh content each weekday.

A Christian Science perspective

Read or listen to these inspiring articles from The Christian Science Monitor daily newspaper.

  • by Leide Lessa
    Saber que os desastres não vêm do Amor divino, e reconhecer que Deus, a Mente divina, é a fonte de toda a inteligência, ajuda-nos a ver que a humanidade é capaz de reconstruir coletivamente com sabedoria.
  • by Donald Carey
    As we learn about the eternal nature of God and His creation, we’re empowered to challenge limited views of life and experience profound comfort. 
  • by Leide Lessa
    In the face of recent flooding around the world, each loving thought for the people and areas affected is a healing prayer in support of efforts to rebuild.
  • by Elizabeth Mata
    We’re all innately capable of feeling and expressing Christly, healing compassion.
  • by Virginia Anders
    Understanding that we’re all children of God, fully expressing divine qualities, empowers us to move forward in our careers, even when we’ve encountered discrimination in the workplace.

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