Talks that change lives

“Take hold of your divine freedom” with Heike Arneth, CSB

“I see the many tough situations that people and nations are faced with. Christian Science can help with all of these; and yet it is not just a system of healing and problem-solving. It is much more than this. Among other things, it explains the spiritual principles that are the basis of all being.”

This 30-minute talk was sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Claygate and Esher, and was delivered as part of “Mini Focus 2020”, a summit held in the UK for youth interested in Christian Science.

“Finding joy, health, hope for all” with Steven Salt, CSB

Steven Salt is a Christian Science practitioner, teacher, and lecturer who lives in Saint Louis, Missouri. “Exploring how things work, discovering dynamic relationships, observing unapparent connections, and applying the knowledge gained to make sense of it all…this has been the impulse of my life” says Steven.

“What is it that connects prayer with healing?” with Mark Swinney, CSB

“This lecture is all about the power of God’s love to heal” says Mark. “In it, I explore how feeling—how sensing spiritually—the presence of God as Love has the effect of bringing moments of wonderful inspiration and enlightenment, moments that actually reform and cure.”

“Stranger, you are the guest of God” with Heloisa Rivas, CSB

We all yearn for home—for a place where we can feel secure. Understanding each individual’s relation to God as a tender, divine Father and Mother can help us gain a sense of home as not so much a physical structure or location, but more of a warm, embracing sense of God’s care, which can never be lost.

“Conflict resolution: A spiritual approach” with John Tyler, CSB

This talk by John Tyler, CSB, examines several specific conflicts from marital to nation-building. It identifies some practical ways of resolving them. It explores two of these — forgiveness and learning to love — and shows how they lead to healing national conflicts and even physical bodies.