The quest to experience God

Speaker: Giulia Nesi Tetreau, CSB


Sunday 14 April 2024    
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Christian Science Society, Redcliffe
61 Ernest Street (corner Eveline St), Margate, QLD, 4019


“As a child, I learned that God is all love. But at the same time, He (never She) could be distant, unknowable, and judgmental. He was loving, but could punish us harshly. He sent sunshine and babies, but also storms, wars, and disease.

Longing for meaningful connection with the divine, this two-sided God was no comfort to me as I grew older. I wanted to feel unconditional love, that God would be a reliable help no matter what I was dealing with or going through. And I didn’t just want to know about God. I wanted to experience God.

My yearning was actually part of what I understand to be a larger spiritual revolution. Worldwide, across cultures, people are seeking a truer sense of Deity. Spirit, God (or whatever we call our Source) is impelling us all toward a life that’s bigger and deeper than what we perceive with the five senses.

This impulsion led me to Christian Science, which, based on the life and teachings of Christ Jesus, explains that God is pure Love, and the source of all good feminine as well as masculine qualities.”

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Admission free.

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